French Macaron Flavors (GF)

Macarons – meringue almond flour pastries with chocolate macarons all gluten-free – sold in Samplers on this site & at our various retail partners

Honey Brie with Fig-rich decadent French cheese with Belgian white chocolate, topped with the perfect sweetness of fig preserves
Dark chocolate ganache combined ed with Trivedi Wine Merlot
Honey Lavender a luxe Belgian white chocolate ganache with honey & just enough French organic lavender
Chocolate Covered Cherries-beautiful dark red macarons with black cocoa for a rich brownie like taste and decadent dark chocolate ganache, chock full of cherry liqueur & real cherries covering a cherry bite to knock the socks off you & your Amou
loads of vanilla bean pods with our best Belgian white chocolate in KU gold & shells of Jayhawk red / blue
Mango Belgian White Chocolate Ganache buttercream a sweet fresh tangy taste of Maui
Belgian white chocolate ganache - made with our new maximum flavor raspberry formulation for that tart / sweet taste
Hazelnut in Milk Chocolate ganache - yes, it has that much loved ingredient : )
Classic Dark Chocolate- our classic unadulterated 64% dark chocolate in a smooth luscious ganache
Dark Chocolate Passion Fruit - Tropical, tart, tang, and zing of Passion Fruit in a unique and pleasing combination with 64% dark chocolate ganache
Lemon white chocolate ganache - bright and tart
Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate French Buttercream - smooth and enough peanut butter to taste through the smooth chocolate texture
Milk Chocolate in a rich French Buttercream
Pistachio - enjoyable taste of all-natural farm grown pistachios in a white chocolate ganache
Black Currant - bright bold dark berry flavor all-natural farm grown black currants from New York state, in a white chocolate ganache
Passion Fruit - tropical, tart, and tangy fruit surprise full of zing – made with all-natural passionfruit in a white chocolate ganache
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