Chocolate bonbons

molded shiny cocoa butter colored chocolate shells filled with our our creations

Passionfruit Caramel – bright fruity flavored smooth caramel with a yellow white chocolate shell

Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Gianduja – silky smooth hazelnuts & milk chocolate in a copper dark chocolate shell

Salty Caramel – melt in your mouth deep caramel with salt in a copper swirl white chocolate shell

Coffee Dark Chocolate – bold coffee with dark chocolate ganache in a café au lait brown swirl with black in a dark chocolate shell

Orange Dark Chocolate – our dark chocolate ganache paired with orange liqueur and flavors in a dark chocolate shell with black with a copper swirl

Blueberry Dark Chocolate – our dark chocolate ganache paired with blueberry liqueur and natural flavors in a purple dark chocolate shell

Pistachio White Chocolate – natural pistachio butter in a white chocolate ganache in an emerald, green white chocolate shell

Dark Chocolate Ganache – 64% French dark chocolate smooth ganache in a red dark chocolate shell

Bonbon gift boxes

8 Pack - all of above $25, 4 Pack sets $13:

Dark Chocolate Pack – Blueberry, Orange, Coffee, Dark Chocolate Ganache

Variety Pack – Hazelnut, Salty Caramel, Passionfruit, Pistachio

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