a little bit about us

Paul’s Better Bakery operates a licensed commercial food establishment; mainly through offerings at our retail partners Where else to purchase and in a “by order” manner by delivery only from our site.

We offer featured selections of our own French macarons with custom-made fillings and our signature large Salted Espresso Caramels – twice dipped in 64% dark chocolate.  These items are all gluten-free, however we are not a gluten-free establishment.

We use fine European couverture chocolates to provide a better taste experience – other ingredients are premium as well, including pistachio paste and black currants purchased directly from the growers.

Our focus is on serving the Lawrence, Kansas community through direct orders and local delivery options.
Paul’s passion for making excellent desserts means that offerings are limited and tested to be truly better.

We look forward to sharing our offering featured selections, as well as meeting orders for special events.

In confidence in our products we offer your purchase a full satisfaction guarantee.

The Food –

Macarons – Our French Macarons are made using the Italian Meringue Method (confusing right!) producing a soft center and pleasant bite.  Macarons are best eaten right away but may be kept in a sealed container in the refrigerator and taken out to room temperature at least fifteen minutes prior to serving.  They may also be frozen in a sealed container and then transferred to the refrigerator for several hours prior to enjoying them.  We offer numerous Macaron Flavors 

Fillings for our macarons may be based out of two varieties – 1) ganache (a mixture of our couverture chocolates and cream), 2) French Buttercream (a rich luxurious custard filling – quite a different taste and mouth feel than from American Buttercream).  

Our Large (really XL) Salted Espresso Chewy Caramels are twice-dipped in precisely tempered 64% fine chocolate, which brings the snap and the chew experience together.  The only complaint we’ve ever received about these caramels are that they are too big.  I respectfully disagree.

Paul’s passion for making excellent desserts means that offerings are limited and tested to be truly better.  As items are made with caring hands instead of mass-production, there will be slight variations (often some portions larger than expected!).  We hope that you appreciate the better aspects of supporting a small local baker.

About Paul –

A native of Wichita who has returned to Kansas after thirty years of working in healthcare on Maui in Hawaii.  Developing tastes from the heartland, east and west – he has honed his focus on Better flavor and enjoys bringing joy to others through bakery delights.  Paul is looking forward to sharing his unique flavor packed offerings to Lawrence – the home of his immediate family for many years.

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